Gluten libre has finally arrived in Buenos Aires. For our first article in this cool city, we wanted to bring you to one of our favorite place! Let’s grab a gluten free burger in Buenos aires!!

Perez restaurant

The restaurant is called Perez-h and is situated in the best area of Buenos: in Palermo!! They are also in the center which could be good for the one going out from work or studying at Uni!

I was working from home at this moment so i ordered on Glovo. Here is their menu ! They have amaaaazing burgers!!!!

So, they have 4 types of burgers:

  • Classics:
  • Gourmets
  • Speciales
  • Vegetarians

And all can be eaten with gluten free bread, which might not be adapted to coeliacs because it’s prepared in the “normal kitchen”. How ever…

They have the coeliac menu, with no cross-contamination!

You have to try, you won’t see any difference with a “normal” burger. Trust me!! I will order again for sure.

When i ordered at Perez-h, i tried their full cheese one… so yummyyyy. I was happy to see that the burger were still warm when it got home! It was soooo good.

I asked a friend who has been there, and you can also ask it double or triple! & For the cheese lovers, they have crazy good cheessyy sauce ! Can’t wait to go… And you?

By the way, their burger presentation is very nice, so if you want to have a the perfect gluten free burger photo for your instagram, that’s the place to go!!

I paid around 340 pesos so 7 euros my gluten free burger with french fries which is really reasonable don’t you think?  

If you have any gluten free suggestion or any cool places in BA, let us know.

Enjoy an amazing gluten free burger in Buenos Aires and go to Perez-H!

Hasta Pronto!!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Chloé.