Let’s eat some gluten free crepes in Buenos Aires ! 

the crepe factory BA

As we are three French, we wanted to share with you this restaurant in Buenos Aires that proposes typical Breton French pancakes. Made of buckwheats, these crepes will drive you crazy! 

Don’t wait to much more… here’s the place to go to eat real French  “pancakes” and wonderful wraps: The Crepe Factory. I had the chance to meet them at a gluten free festival in Buenos Aires, but if you want to go to their great restaurant, all you have to do is go to the north of the city, to the San Isidro district: a really nice area to see! 

Concerning the dishes: salty crepes with buckwheat, wraps with buckwheat, and sweet crepes with buckwheat, et voila! All you need is gluten free crepes in Buenos Aires, and you will be sooo happy! 

What could be better? 

For an affordable price ($), you won’t believe the taste of these delicious crepes. Try a dolce buckwheat crepe for dessert: a mix of a French and Argentine speciality.

Don’t wait any longer and discover this adorable team that will make your time at The crepe factory a pleasant one! 

You can find the menu right here 🙂

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy !