You know where is the best 100% gluten free restaurant in Canggu? 

Welcome to La Cassava, one of our favorite place to eat in Canggu. As you can see, we have many pictures of several of its plates.

And you know what, everything is 100% gluten free, and vegetarian!

You can also have the entire menu in vegan if you ask the waiter. You will see, they are so perfect with you that you will want to stay all day long and talk to them about everything ! They speak perfectly english and are well informed about gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diet!

This restaurant has a large menu: for breakfast you can have toast with avocado, vegetable and fruit plate, fruits bowls with granola (or without). For lunch, there is a nasi campur, nasi goreng, pad thai, pasta (which are amazing), burgers (oh gush, loved it soooo much) , yummy salads, and there is also a kid menu!!

Their juices are healthy and very greedy! And the way, the water is free there !

They also serve really good cafe with any milk you want (cashew, soya, rice etc). I love it !! La Cassava proposes every night a buffet ( a different one for each evening) for every one to enjoy. The price are really low, you can eat for an average of 4 euros, not that expensive for such good products! The place is just PERFECT ! 

There is a swimming pool for those who want to relax under the sun (and they give you towels, for the one who always forget it 😉 ) but also Yoga and Massage. This is a hotel that have cute little rooms but you don’t have to be part of this place to enjoy the facilities. 

What I really appreciated was the fact that It was a perfect spot to work on my computer. There is a little rooftop where you will hear nothing to be even more focus!

Say Hi to them for us, and let us know how you liked this 100% gluten free restaurant in Canggu.

And don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy