International gluten free food in Phnom Penh?

Well, If you are looking for a place to escape the crazy life of Phnom Penh, The Back Yard cafe is the place to be.  Indeed, they are mostly only tourism  and the same food could be found in Paris

So, if you are tired of eating khmer food, you know where to go! 

From breakfast to diner, this place is 100% adapted to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free ! 

Indeed, they have a wonderful healthy menu based on pancakes  , fitness bowl, healthy gluten free burger  , amazing falafel, soupe and more ! Most of their product are organic, and really healthy for an everyday meal. 

Concerning the restaurant, it is a really natural coffee spot, with a nice outside hidden terrasse, situated in a main street but in a really calm area. 

The waitress are really nice, and they speak really good english. So you won’t have any problem understanding each other about your diet. Indeed, They know exactly what you can eat and what you can not !

What I really enjoyed in that restaurant is that everything is written on the menu: vegan, raw, gluten free, fitness ! 

Try it, you won’t regret it.

The price is a little higher than what you can find in the city, but it is worth it!

International gluten free food in Phnom Penh are hard to find so…

Trust us, really greedy and so tasty, back yard coffee will drive you crazy!

Don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy.

By Chloé