There has to be a first time for everything, so here’s my very first article informing you about the 5 gluten free restaurants in Paris not to be missed!

Yes, after going around a lot of establishments, and getting feedbacks on each of the restaurants I promote, here are the 5 most liked, each with their own speciality!

From Italy, to Thailand, healthy, bakery and brunch, you will love them!

Let’s start with the 100% gluten free restaurants in Paris where you won’t have any risk of cross contamination!

Coeliac friendly, here you are!

I’m going to start with Judy, one of my favorite restaurants. I had a great time with the team members and absolutely loved their food. Some friends also went there to get some extra advices and they were not disappointed.

100% gluten free, organic, and seasonal, Judy‘s concept will surprise you! They are talking about being “qualitarienne canteen”: yes I didn’t know what it meant either but it means what it means eh! Quality above all!

The place, which is located in the 6th arrondissement, and the menu are inspired by an Australian naturopath… I let you imagine the success of this restaurant!

To continue on the 100% gluten free restaurants in Paris, here is another restaurant with a completely unique food specialty: an every day brunch, gluten free and lactose free, with waffles that are completely crazy! Open every day except on Mondays, Café Mareva is located very close to the Place de la république, in the 11th arrondissement.

A 100% gluten free and thai restaurant in Paris? Here you are! Welcome to Kapunka. They have 5 restaurants with gluten free dishes à la carte, and one of them is 100% gluten free and vegan. Believe me, you will travel. Thailand will smell all the way to the outside.

Then finally, the last 100% gluten free that I’m going to tell you about this week is No Glu, the first restaurant searched on Google for intolerant people and coeliacs in Paris. A bakery, but also a restaurant, No Glu will seduce you with its brasserie menu, all gluten free: burgers, baggles, dishes in sauce without gluten. In short, we love it!

So, the last restaurant I’m going to talk about is my little Italian light in the french capital.

This restaurant is not 100% gluten free unfortunately, but they do their best to avoid cross contamination by separating gluten free products and normal one in their kitchen. No lies , I have rarely eaten such a good gluten free pizza at Caffé Shop!

The heart-shaped pizzas have an extremely thin, crispy dough and ingredients come directly from Italy. What about their concept? I love it! Take a closer look right here.

So, which one of these 5 gluten free restaurants in Paris are you going to try this week?

By Chloé