Chloé’s gluten free recipes

Chloé makes you discover her gluten-free recipes: a true food lover enthusiast, she was inspired by her many trips around the world.

These recipes will make you want to start cooking again with pleasure! 

For Chloé, eating gluten-free means: eat tasty, eat healthy and eat good

Last gluten-free recipes

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Your favorites gluten-free recipes

Strawberry mochi

It's soon the end of the strawberry season, so don’t wait more and enjoy these strawberries mochi with white bean paste by a really good woman we like called Nm-Meiyee on instagram.   We found this recipe that we also tried and it was sooo easy and so good...

Gluten free chia pudding

Gluten free chia pudding

Do you like gluten free chia pudding ? We found this recipe on internet and tried it at home.. It was so nice ! So easy to make, only 6 ingredients and amazing taste. For 2 persons, it only takes 10 minutes to prepare, and no cooking is required ! Everything is...