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I had the chance to travel around Argentina for 2 months in 2019. A month in Buenos Aires where I took advantage of my visit to test the city’s best gluten free restaurants. Then 1 month in a van to travel all over the country, from south to north. 8 000 km, and many cities traveled, including Mendoza, Bariloche, and many others.

And you know what? 1 in 100 Argentineans has the celiac disease, and therefore more than 400 million people in the country. So guess how many gluten free restaurants and specialities you will be able to find in Argentina: one of the countries most affected in the world by gluten intolerances ! You will be able to see that in all supermarkets, there are many gluten free products, and gluten is always very well indicated on the labels. Look carefully, but above all, click here to access the list of the best gluten-free restaurants in the country!

Gluten free in Argentina: Sin tacc, sin trigo, libre de gluten

Click here to have the Argentina gluten free card

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