Do you want to eat the best gluten free empanadas of Buenos Aires?
We found the place for you!!!

I spend 1 month in Buenos Aires, and after few days there, i really wanted to eat their food speciality! Meat is one of them, but also empanadas.

I read many things on internet, and tried many gluten free empanadas in Buenos Aires.

But my favorite place was, for surreee, Celi Gourmet. This is not a typical restaurant… but more a 100% gluten free grocery store.

Don’t worry, you can order anything you want on Glovo !! And actually, this is what i did the first time i ate Celi Gourmet food.

You will receive everything not warm but cooked, in a plastique paper for no cross-contamination. The only thing you have to do, is putting your food in the oven, and wait few minutes, letting you the time to smell the crazy good food that you are going to eat very soon!

If you want to surprise your friends, a good idea would be to order, and heat it before diner… Tadaaaa, gluten free empanadas that everyone will love!

After that, i went to see their boutique. The staff was soooo nice with me, trying to know more about me, what i was doing in Buenos Aires etc. I check their entire shop:

Everything is 100% gluten free and adapted to coeliaque !

They have absolutely everything you want: cookies, cakes, pasta, pizza, bread, MILANESE (loved it soooo much), sandwich, ice cream… A dream place for people like me!

I tried few of their products, and i loved all of them. They cook really good, and it’s really affordable. There are many Celi Gourmet in BA, just find the closest from you, and enjoy their crazy good food!!

Let us know how you liked it, and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Chloe