BA is one of our favorites places to eat Burger!! There are many places for gluten free burgers in Buenos Aires . But this one has to be tried more than many others. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the weekend are days to eat burgers! Don’t you think? Yes, I know, I wrote all the days of the week, and what? I love them sooo much ! 😀

This time, I didn’t go to the restaurant, but I ordered at home from The Burger Company with an application called Rappi. So you will have to tell me how you liked the restaurant 🙂 But anyway, I ordered it, and I LOVED IT!! To deliver, there is only one gluten free burger, but I check on their facebook and on their reviews,

you can actually have an gluten free burgers you want when you go to their restaurant. 😀

They have amazing gluten free burgers. I took the one full of cheese (To give me energy for my work haha), and it was soo good. I was working with a friend of mine who is not gluten free, so he took a “normal” one, and he said that it was the best burger he had in Buenos Aires. So it might be a good deal for your friends to come with you at The Burger Company haha:)

As I said in another article for a restaurant in Vietnam: You should always show the burgers or pizza of the gluten free restaurant you want to go to your friends. That’s the way I do with my friends, to not always hear: “oh no please, I don’t want to eat in a healthy and vegan restaurant”. Gluten free doesn’t mean vegan (FIRST), and SECOND, Vegan is not an annoying diet. I actually eat vegan many meals of my week, and I can feel that my body loves it !

Anyway, let’s go back to our gluten free burgers in Buenos Aires.

As I just said I took the cheesy one, and I also tried the “No carbs burger” which is a burger that has salad instead of bead. It was actually surprisingly good!  So if you start a summer diet, that might be the burger you should take 🙂

Let us know how you liked it

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy