Few days ago, I went to Mendoza for wine degustation! I have been to the LOPEZ degustation, which is free btw and really nice ! I loved this place. There are two guides, a spanish one and an english one. So, choose the one you like and enjoy the tour. Anyway, let’s talk about our favorite topic: gluten free food! Find out the best gluten free pizza in Mendoza.

I was craving for gluten free empanadas and pizza. I found this place called Pizzaiolo on the pedestrian street Sarmiento.. This is the street where there are many bars and restaurants. The sun was out so i could eat outside, It was soooo good.

You will fall in love with their gluten free meals.

They have gluten free empanadas, brushettas, burgers and pizza! You will love it for sure.

Be careful because it can be a bit full on Fridays and Saturdays, go early or call to book a table. It’s sooo nice ! I loved the atmosphere outside. It is a little expensive compared to other restaurants, but trust me, it’s worth it !! And well, gluten free is always a bit expensive… That’s life!

Let us know how you enjoy your trip in Mendoza eating gluten free pizza ..

and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy