Welcome to this amazing restaurant that proposes 100% gluten free Venezuelan cuisine in Perth!

Have you ever tried it? It is absolutely amazing. I had the chance to taste this amazing food in a restaurant called: Angel Falls Grill.

This place is situated next to Kings Park and botanic garden, in the Est of Perth.

In this restaurant where everything is gluten free, I discovered a new culinary culture that I didn’t really know.

The dishes they bring is based on old family recipes with corn base which are naturally gluten free. Indeed, you will be able to try any Venezuelan specialties you’d like, such as arepas, cachapas (Venezuelan dish made of maize flour), empanadas, meats and more… Everything is delicious, and the quality of the products is very good. You will fall in love with this place !

Check out there menu!

More over, staffs are amazing and really comprehensive with the diet you follow. It goes fast, and you know what? Sometimes you think that fast mean bad food, but in Angel Falls Grill, fast mean amazing!

This 100% gluten free restaurant in Perth is open every single day, from 11 am to 9pm and till 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

You will pay around 10€ to 37€ for a typical meal depending on your desire.

They have every thing gluten free, but also vegan meals and vegetarian too.

You can eat in, order out, take away, pay with any credit card you want and have an amazing good service that you will want to come back.

So if you’re in this area, go for it and tell us your experience.

And if you are Venezuelan, send us some recipes of their specialty and enjoy eating in this 100% gluten free restaurant in Perth.

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Clément