The avocado Factory is one of the coolest gluten free avocado bar in Canggu.

Oh, yeah, I love soo much avocados. How about you guys? I don’t even have to ask, everybody loves avocados.

In Ubud we also have an avocado’s restaurant but this one is in Canggu. The best of the best!

The three founders have got it all figured out: it’s one of the first gluten free avocado bar in South Asia.

With a goal of zero waste and the respect for the planet, Avocado Factory come mainly from Bali or Java, and they are 98% plastic free. We love it! The Avocado Factory does its best to work with local suppliers and to offer high quality products.

On the menu: only the very best and all made with avocado of course !! We can either have the traditional avocado in our dishes, or taste some absolutely incredible innovations.

  • For starters, you will have the right to have a smoothie to eat (not to drink, don’t worry haha), or a chocolate mousse and fruit and flower bowl. Most of them are gluten free, or you can ask to have the dish gluten free. Everything is possible at Avocado Factory!!
  • Then let’s follow up with the avocado bowls. All gluten free except for the Tofu which you have to ask for gluten free, you will enjoy it for sure! That makes me hungry…
  • The best part for me is their brunch which I loved! There are all available gluten free and sometimes even vegan! We go from the gluten free burger, a dish originating from America to the Nasi Campur which comes from Asia. There are also Tacos, a traditional Central American dish. You will travel with Avocado Factory. And that’s what we like at Gluten Libre!

They also have really good juices, and their coffee is completely crazy! There is also the possibility to have vegetarian milk of course, you will be able to have a good time in this gluten free avocado bar in Canggu.
It’s open every day from 7 am to 5 pm.

The staff was so kind to me and they speak perfectly english. So no worries about your diet or allergy, they will understand everything very clearly !

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Be part of the Gluten Libre Family and be free to travel gluten free !

By Chloé