Many gluten free restaurants in Canggu can be found, but this restaurant will please you with its protein food concept. Yes, if you are sporty and want to get your strength back after a surfing session in a very healthy way, Motion café, is the gluten free protein restaurant in Canggu to go to!

Everything is based on protein, either vegetable or animal, the choice is yours. There are also many vegan options for those who want and everything can be made gluten free !

I loved that little restaurant on the way to the Olds mans. It’s not very big, and often very crowded, so maybe avoid the spiky hours!

What do you eat there? Absolutely everything for nice everyday breakfast !

You can have a breakie until 5:00 pm without any problem.

And if you want the gluten free or vegan option, just ask the waiters who are well aware of any allergies or diets!

At the brekkie, what do we eat? Mussels, pancakes, toast. The best thing to take is their gluten and vegan free waffle. It is filled with the perfect protein to start a day in shape and get a lot of energy before a surfing session. I loved their waffles!!

There is a lot to eat, so maybe avoid them if you’re going surfing! haha Rather take them if you’re going to take a little break under the sun of Bali.

They also have gluten free burgers, vegetarian on request, protein bars.

What I also loved is their section dedicated to the Paleo diet, do you know what is it? In fact, it’s a diet inspired by what our ancestors ate: fruits, vegetables and proteins. We avoid dairy products, sugar and grains. Try it, maybe it will work for you! 🙂

Otherwise, a lot of other dishes are absolutely crazy in this gluten protein restaurant in Canggu. There are also a lot of vegetable protein juices, all super good, and if you’re a coffee lover, you’ll LOVE theirs!

Anyway, nothing more to say except that the service is great and the food is crazy! The price is very reasonable by the way, it will cost between 4 and 6 euros for a good meal with dishes, cold drinks, hot drinks, reasonable no?

Be part of Gluten Libre family and be free to travel gluten free !

By Chloé