In Canggu and Ubud, Made’s banana flour is the first gluten free restaurant in Bali made from green bananas.

restaurant made's banana flour gluten free

You will be able to have plenty of gluten free pastries in Canggu, but also plenty of gluten free dishes in Ubud.
I went to the one in Canggu to taste their pastries but also in Ubud, where the universe is similar, but this time it’s a restaurant and not a bakery.
I loved all the dishes I tasted: burger, pizza, pancake, cakes, all gluten free, made of banana flour. Soooo good!

I had the chance to meet a friend of Made who created with him the concept of Made’s Banana Flour, he was adorable. An interview is coming soon by the way.
Made is an Indonesian who wanted to introduce green banana flour to the Balinese and tourists. It worked so well that he created two Made’s banana flowers on the island ! And we love it!

Yon’t feel that everything is made of banana flour, so for those who are not banana lovers, don’t worry. It tastes like rice flour or almond flour. It was amazing, and it’s not too sweet or too fat. Yes, as you should know, sometimes gluten free pastries and dishes are 10,000 times sweeter or fattier than a normal meal. But in this restaurant, it is perfect, just the right amount.

The restaurant is open with a nice little terrace where you can enjoy the Bali sun. Eating such good gluten free food in Ubud will help you to relax more and enjoy the treatments Ubud offers: massage, relaxation, meditation, yoga, pilates and many others.

All you have to do is go to this restaurant to eat great gluten free dishes in Ubud!

Be free to travel gluten free!

By Chloé