A gluten free restaurant in Berawa, Canggu that offers gluten free gnocchi?

It’s rare but it does exist! And yes the Matcha Café offers a lot of gluten free dishes, but is not really Coeliac friendly. If you are really sick with coeliac disease, check out this restaurant.
Otherwise, if you’re just intolerant, there are risks of cross contamination, but I’m very sensitive and I haven’t had any problems. Just ask the waiter and it will be fine!

This restaurant serves gluten free breakfast, lunch and brunch from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm every day.

Close to Berawa, this restaurant is the perfect place to go before or after a Yoga or Surf session. Yes, they offer light dishes, but hearty enough to give you a full energy boost for your day.

There are several options, here is the full menu if you want.

Either a hearty dessert as a starter or a gluten free doughnut that’s super good, followed by pancakes or smoothie bowls. I’ve been there a few times, and I loved their omelets, and their buddha bowl.

But my favorite food is and will remain their gluten free gnocchi.

I love gluten free gnocchi and it’s often rare to find them, and especially to find good ones! Here, they are really super super good! You should really come and taste them now!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice, with a very pleasant terrace outside. The staff has been very kind with me and has been able to guide me for all my allergies / intolerances. I highly recommend this gluten free restaurant in Berawa Canggu!

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By Chloé