Vegetarian, gluten free and plant base? If you are looking for a healthy gluten free restaurant in Canggu, Café Organic is the place to go.

It was one of the first Balinese restaurants that brought the concept of plant base to their plates. Yes, this organic restaurant understands the environmental issues we are facing! And that’s what I loved about that restaurant. Everything is fresh, delicious and in harmony with nature and respectful of the products.

100% vegetarian and mostly gluten free, this restaurant will surprise you with combinations of ingredients that are all equally delicious.

The majority is gluten free, and vegan: I would say that there are 3% of the dishes that cannot be made gluten free. So it’s perfect, isn’t it? Just ask the waiter, and you’ll all be spoilt for choice. For the vegan it’s also a little pleasure, almost all of the dishes are available for vegan!

On the menu? A lot of things absolutely incredible.

Smoothies bowls, matcha pancakes, gangsta toast with avocado, presto and pumpkin, mushrooms, chocolatella and cashew butter toast. What a combinaison ! Trust me, it is worth the detour !! Then you can have a fresh salad, perfect for a light meal.

What I loved was their bean burger, and their veggie whooper! Hmm, just thinking about it makes me want to go back!

It’s really good, and very garnished. You will be perfectly stuff after eating at Café Organic !

You’ll love the very peaceful atmosphere of the establishment. You’ll have a great view of the rice paddies and you’ll be able to enjoy a good coffee with almond milk!
This is a must see place if you go to Canggu. I really enjoyed eating at a healthy gluten free restaurant in Canggu.

Let us know how you liked this restaurant, and be part of the Gluten Libre family.

Be free to travel gluten free!

By Chloé