A good gluten free Italian in Canggu is entirely possible. And with a family spirit and traditional Italian style, we have found it!

” Serving up real Italian home cooking made from fresh ingredients prepared daily by “Mamma” (the owner’s Mother – aka Mamma Regina), Rustica Cucina offers a true taste of Italy on the island of Bali”

Mama Regina, Owner of La Rustica

Not very busy, La Rustica is still worth the detour!

This gluten free Italian in Canggu is the best of the best ! Trust me!!

In the direction of the Old mans, on a big street, several gluten free restaurants are possible to find, but this one is one of the best I tried!!

You will be able to see on a blackboard the big sign “Gluten free”.

The restaurant is fully open, with a roof just in case (Yes, in Bali the weather is very nice, but during the rainy season it can rain very hard! )

After living in Bali for 6 months and going around a lot of gluten free restaurants, La Rustica was the place where I ordered the most when I wanted a gluten free and vegan pizza.

The thin crust, right out of the pizza oven, with cheese (vegan or normal) flowing, and good with very generous products. Hmmm, just thinking about it makes my mouth watering!

They are really delicious and for a pretty reasonable price for this type of cuisine!

La Mamma Regina, the great initiator of this restaurant has put all her soul into her recipes, which are very similar to the pizzas you can eat in Italy.

Travelling to Italy when you are in Bali has become totally possible. And eating gluten free Italian in Canggu is right here! You should come and try it soon!

Between gluten free pizza, vegetarian and vegan, or their gluten free pasta with sauces all equally incredible each other, you will be served! Looking forward to your feedback.

Don’t forget to tell you how you liked it to help me having better information for your guys !

Be free to travel gluten free!

By Chloé