Are you in Batu Bolong for an early morning surfing session?  And you want to eat a nice gluten free breakfast in Canggu to be full of energy for your day ?

We have the best place for you: it’s called Crate Cafe

They have everything you want for a gluten free breakfast, and the atmosphere of the place is very very nice.

When you find the little hidden road to Batu Bolong Beach, you get to a nice open restaurant, full of vintage and relaxing color. There is the possibility to eat outside with a rice field view, or kind of inside (you will understand why i say so). and enjoy being under the shade.

You will be able to see their menu on the wall, so you can choose while you waiting to order at the cashier. Crate Cafe is THE address for gluten free breakfast in Canggu, so, many people are coming. I would recommend to go early in the morning so you won’t have too many people, or in the middle of the afternoon. Important thing to know: even though this restaurant can be often full, Crate cafe is really well organized, and your food will come very quick. You can actually see the chef and its team cooking… Your time to see!

You can have their gluten free avocado toast, vegetarian, and even vegan if you want.

They also have crazy breakfast bowls, burgers, salads… Anything you want!

This place is also known for its own little vintage shop where you will find little treasure… You will love it !!

Moreover, if you want a nice instagram food picture, that’s the place you should go in Canggu. Plates presentation are amazing. You can see it on the pictures actually! This place is little hidden from everywhere, so enjoy being a part of bali little secrets!

Let us know how you enjoy this gluten free breakfast in Canggu at Crate Cafe!!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Chloe