What would be Ubud without its rice fields, its yoga or meditation & its healthy and gluten free food?

Do you want to enjoy a nice meal in front of rice field? You must go to Atman Kafe!! This place in Ubud is just the best place i have been to. I went to Ubud for 3 days and i ate there 4 times haha. The first time, I ate at the restaurant and the place was perfect for a relaxing moment. You will be able to eat your lunch in front of a nice rice field, surrounded by a wildly environnement. Indeed, their restaurant has its uniq way of showing Bali culture. Everything is in wood, with nice little sofa to seat.

When you get into the restaurant, you can either be outside to take away, and choose your dessert in the show case or eat inside. Waiters can speak fluent english and know exactly what is like to follow this type of diet.

The last three times, i ate at my hotel… Oppsii haha. Well, with the application GOJEK , you can order anything you want, whenever you want for where ever you want in Bali. You should definitely try their food, either at their restaurant or at your hotel. Can you imagine, eating some crazy good gluten free pasta while relaxing in front of your swimming pool? ​

Their menu is 100% made out of gluten!

Ubud is the place to go if you are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, but especially Atman kafe.

This is a dream place for coeliaque people. They have pizza, pasta, pancake, bread, crepes, cookies, all free of gluten for you!

They also have many options for the vegan with their rice, soya milk, vegan mozzarella…

You can eat for an average of 6€ which is really reasonable for such a crazy place as Atman cafe.

They also have their own shop inside, with several things you will love! Trust me, this place is a little treasure.

Let us know how you liked it, and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.

By Chloé.