What would be a city without a really great gluten free Italian restaurant?

This place has been in our top 3 gluten free restaurant in Canggu.
If you want to have a little bit of Italian food in your day, go to La Baracca!

There are three places in Bali, one in Canggu, an other in Semyniak & finally in Uluwatu. I went to the three of them: their food is soo good! ​The owners are Italians so you will definitely smell Italia in the restaurant, in your plate and your mouth. ​

The atmosphere of the place is very cosy, and typical Italian. However, you can still feel that you are in Bali, with their floral wall, and their relaxing music. I would recommend to go at night, you will love their lovely way of bringing you to Italy!

They have everything gluten free, vegetarian & vegan if you ask the waiter.

Their mozzarella di buffalo as a starter was absolutely delicious! And, their gluten free pizza with vegan mozzarella, oh gush I loved it! My friend took the tomato pasta with vegan mozzarella, and of course I tried it (several times…) and loved it too! What I really enjoyed in that restaurant is that you will never feel that being gluten free is a problem. It seems to be so normal for them to propose this type of diet. I actually talked to the owner and our discussion was really interesting. you can have a look on our interview!

Meals are really affordable. Normally, you have to add 2€ for a gluten free pizza, but in la Baracca, only 60 cents. The price is very low (4,5€/ 6$) for such good products!

​Please, let us know how you liked it and send us pictures. 🙂

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.

​By Chloé