Welcome back to Bali, the live of sun, surf and happiness !! 😀
I had to work so I chose to go to Cinta Cafe, the coolest co-working and gluten free place in Canggu! It is the best co-working spot of Canggu, which is free (well you have to eat or drink something, but it doesn’t really compte 🙂 )

I was working for a fashion company in Bali for few months, and it was the first restaurant I have been. I went there almost everyday ! I have had their entire menu I think haha and …

everything can be done gluten free!!

By the way, I took all my friends and family that came to visit me at Cinta Cafe!

This place is situated in front of a rice  field and it’s so relaxing and cosy to work. They give you free water, trust me, you will need it 🙂

Cinta Cafe proposes many gluten free, vegetarian and vegan things such as pancakes in the morning, or crepes, but also bread, salads, crispy/donut vegetables, tuna bowl…

They also have amazing gluten free desserts such as brownies and tarts.

I’ve actually been there to buy my gluten free dessert for christmas.

It is soooo good that you can not even feel that there is no gluten.

The plus of this place is their staff: oh gush, soo friendly! I miss them so much. They helped me every time with my scooter, arranged everything for me to feel great in their restaurant. Sometimes I spending my entire day working there and they were sooo kind to me: asking if everything was ok every time, bringing me water whenever my glass was empty. Lovely!

One little thing: don’t forget to specify that you are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, they will do everything for you!

Oh yes, I almost forgot..: In the morning they propose a breakfast menu for 4 euros, and you can have a juice, a coffe/tea and food!! They have so many options that you will love! Be careful, it is available until 10 in the morning !!

Cinta cafe menu: gluten free place in canggu

Have a beautiful day at this crazy good gluten free place in Canggu, Cinta cafe!

And don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy