Brussels or the city of french fries and beers?
We have been to Brussels several times and we love this place! But eating french fries all day can be tiring, so we look for the best gluten free pasta in Brussels! And we found it: La Bavet.

It’s situated in Place Saint Catherine and also in Rue de bailli, you must go through this 2 spots which are one the most famous of town. Choose the closest to where you are 🙂 ! I have been to the one Rue de Bailli and I loved it!

La Bavet has such a cosy and chill atmosphere. You can feel at home very quick. There is an inside room but also a nice outside terrasse. I would say that it looks a bit like the typical French Brasserie in Paris.

Moreover, I fell in love with the crew which is sooo nice ! You will see 🙂

Anyway, if you want gluten free pasta in Brussels, THAT’S THE PLACE TO BE !

Let’s see why:  

If you want to eat in or take out, there are their signature pasta dish that you will discover by yourself , they also have a crazy vegetarian dish called ” OMG they killed Kenny!” With creamy tomato sauce with thyme and mushrooms !

I didn’t’ try their Combo, But they do have 3 really cool combos, that you see right here 🙂

What I really enjoyed is that there are 3 meal sizes : Mouse (for the little hunger), Dog (For the average people) and Horse (For me.. And you maybe haha)!

Now, I am going to talk about the BEST PART!

You can choooose and create your own pasta sauce !!

Anything you want. For gluten free pasta you have to add 1,5€ which is really raisonnable and the toppings are between 1 to 3 euros… And you know what …. ?? all dishes are served with free cheese Hummmm…. So good !

Send us pictures of your pasta that you created at the restaurant or that you took away to eat in front of a nice movie ! We hope that you will enjoy eating at the best gluten free pasta in Brussels!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy