After traveling around Siem Reap and visiting the beautiful Angkor Temples, I went to Phnom Penh to work. I took a long bus to get there after from Siem Reap and the first place I have been to eat was this one: My friends cafe & bakery. I had my first and last (because I didn’t stay that long in Phnom Penh to come back) gluten free pizza in Phnom Penh!

gluten free restaurant in phnom phen

As you can see on the picture it is a typical restaurant, but…

they do gluten free!!!

First time in my travels that I saw a gluten free restaurant that keeps the culture of the country. I don’t know if you agree with me, but so many gluten free and vegetarian or even vegan restaurants are so new! And very modern, so they lose the essence of the country. But with this one, no matter, everything is traditional, and veryyyy good.

They don’t have Instagram so you might not have found it on gluten_libre but they do have a website, right here 🙂

What I really enjoyed in this restaurant, is that the staff were so kind to me, and I could feel that they just wanted to make me feel at home and happy. My friends cafe & bakery is owned by local people, so be sure to feel the real cambodian experience.

Now, let’s talk about food.. So yummy!

They have a lot of gluten free meals.

Indeed, they propose gluten free pizza, gluten free sandwich, gluten free pancakes and gluten free cookies.

You will love it ! The best reward after a long trip. You can check on the internet if you are afraid to eat gluten free in a local place, but trust me it was perfect!

Let me know how you liked eating a gluten free pizza in Phnom Penh!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy