So let’s go to La Pasta, the best gluten free Italian in Siem Reap.

On weekends, what do you normally do? Party a little no? Especially when it’s been 3 days that you are killing yourself by riding all day long your bike around the Angkor Temples ! Even Though we love visiting and having fun, our first rule is to never go out with an empty stomach. The best meal before a nice Friday evening would be..? Eating in a gluten free Italian restaurant in Siem Reap!

This restaurant is situated only one short block from Pub street! Perfect no? They are open every single day from 11:30 to 2:30 pm and 5:30 to 9:30 pm ! Early diner, for a longer party!! Or… for the reasonable one, early diner for a longer sleeping night… Which could actually be understandable, because riding for hours around Angkor Temples is really… really… tirering.

This gluten free Italian in Siem Reap has crazy good pasta, any kind you want, any sauce you wish.

They have black truffle sauce, pesto, fresh salmon, vegetarian carbonara.. A-NY THING you want !

When I got there, I just wanted to eat pasta but they also have gluten free pizza… hummmm You have to tell us how it is! You should also try their gluten free tiramisu, as a real Italian one! Check out their menu if you want!

What I really enjoyed, is that the pasta are home made, and that they have a separated cooking system for gluten free dishes. So you won’t have any cross contamination !

Concerning the price, you might pay around 8 $ for their pasta and 7$ for their pizza.

Don’t forget to tell us what you thought about La Pasta in Siem Reap.  Have a great Friday night, be safe and always go out with a full stomach !

Don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy

By Chloé