Situated in the East part of the town, Bar Italia has this little wonderful history to be the first Gluten free Italian in town. But not only, the first gluten free restaurant in Santiago! So Welcome to this really good restaurant, and discover the food with us !

One of the only one Italian restaurant in town that makes gluten free, so that is a must go during your trip in Santiago. 

They have everything you want gluten free made especially for coeliacs, so no cross contamination ! 

You know what? They have gluten free home made pasta, can you imagine? So it’s fresh and home made… It is so rare to find theses kind of product and meals. They also have gluten free raviolis (Humm so lovely. I tried the one full of spinach and waouuuu So good! ), gluten free burgers, gluten free pizza, and you know what, gluten free sushi with gluten free soya sauce!!! Finally!!

It has a real mixe of everything, so if you feel like to eat Italian, American, French or Japanese food, Bar Italia is the best place for you in Santiago. You should bring your friends and family, they won’t see any difference!  

Concerning the atmosphere of the restaurant, there is an outside and inside part for all of you to enjoy. The staff is wonderful: they speak really good english and will do everything for you to feel home.

This restaurant is also really well recommend on the web, so you know what you need to do? Stop by Bar Italia, and eat some Gluten free Italian in Santiago, the best in town !

Have a look at a part of the menu right here for you to have an idea of the price 😉 and discover the rest at the restaurant !

Bar Italia menu 2

Don’t forget, travel eat and enjoy 

By Chloé