A restaurant 100% gluten free in Paris? lactose free, and a everyday brunch? Welcome to the best place for that: Café Mareva, a few minutes from the republic, the heart of Paris!

gluten free and lactose free Paris

Two menus, for two moments of the week:

  • The weekend with a menu of sweet potato waffles with avocado (11€) or Italian food for 12€, then giant pancakes, between 10 and 12€ (absolutely crazy), with vegetarian options, then toasts between 4 and 9€ all just as crazy from each other; & the typical fried chicken waffles for 14€! Nothing better, you should try it! Then of course there are sweet waffles, bowls, a selection of pastries made by the chef (who has made a training course especially for you!)
  • The weekly menu with a wider choice of sweet potato waffles, or classic between 11 and 14 €. You can choose between curry chicken, Italian, vegetarian, english breakfast, club sandwich or typical fried chicken! You’ll love it!!

What’s great is the takeaway menu at €12.5 with a fried chicken waffle, juice and pastry. Absolutely crazy, this restaurant has a great atmosphere. The waiters are adorable, and the products are good.

Gluten free in Paris, or lactose free, we love it!

Here is the little story of Cafe Mareva…

The founder’s name is Mareva, as you must have understood, and she realized several years ago that she was lactose intolerant. She decided to reduce gluten products as much as possible. She does marrathon and triathlon, and stopping all this has helped her to perform more!

Well well, people really have to stop believing that stopping gluten or milk can make you do more.

Eating gluten free or lactose free is healthy !

The proof with Mareva! She launched Mareva Cafe to show everyone that lactose free and gluten free can be super good, even better than wheat or milk-based products. And we love that kind of spirit at Gluten Libre.

The place is “zen and friendly” as Mareva points out. Come and discover this little Parisian wonderful place by coming and enjoying a brunch every day, 100% gluten free in Paris!

When? It is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and from Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm. Watch out, it is closed on Monday. Every body needs to rest right?

Let us know how you liked it, and don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy !

By Chloé