Gluten free cannelé in Bordeaux ? Well, the “Cannelé” are a Bordeaux specialty but there are not naturally gluten free. That’s why, we found this amazing place called Les Cannelés d’Audrey where you will finally be able to eat gluten free Cannelé in Bordeaux !

What are Cannelés? Well, well, there a French bakery from Bordeaux, made of rum and vanilla with a tender center and a strong and caramelized crust. These one are the typical ones !

A little bit of history: Audrey has a daughter that can not eat gluten.

That is why, she decided to launched this amazing company that proposes gluten free cannelé.

What we love about this company is that there are sweet and salty cannelés. Look at their several amazing flavors: the typical one made of rum, but also, chocolate, pink pralines, goat cheese and honey, chorizo or olive.

There are two size to order: the big ones for the most gourmet, and tiny one to order in multiple for you to add a little plus for your meetings or family diner.

The cannelés are sold on the site on the facebook page of the brand. You will also find them at the General Store of Caserne Niel in Bordeaux-Bastide. You can also order it on their website.

Concerning the price, you will pay 7 euros for 4 cannelés, 14 € for 9 cannelés, 14€ for 16 mini cannelés, called the tapas ones (I just talk about it a little above).

Let us know how you liked these gluten free cannelé and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy!

By Julia