Le Judy, 100% gluten free in Paris is surprising! Oh yessss, an unique concept inspired by Dominique Gassin, Australian & naturopath.

For 3 years now, this “qualitarien” canteen has been running the 6th arrondissement of Paris, which reminds you of a small village surrounded by “Le Jardin du Luxembourg”. This restaurant receives a regular clientele, and has a very nice, calm, and relaxing atmosphere. No computer, but more oriented towards communication to welcome all the newcomers who wish to eat at Judy’s!

This canteen offers you 100% gluten free food in Paris will welcome you with some tables inside and outside.

However, if you are in a rush, there is a Judy self service market just next to the restaurant! Perfect to eat healthy food while going to a meeting or catching a train!

On the menu:

  • a breakfast from 8am to 11:30am with french toast, pancakes, vegan yogurt, avocados toasts, mushroom tartines… Hmmm, I love it! I dream of going back there!
  • For lunch, served from 11:30 to 15:00, you will be able to choose between a soup, a bowl, some pancakes, veggie burger (vegan and gluten free of course), an absolutely incredible teriaky chicken. They also have “a dish of the day” or “plat du jour” which changes every day, and which is made according to seasonal products.
  • Finally, “the All day” products can be ate until 17:30 with desserts and gluten free pastries, mostly vegetarian and without refined sugars. So happy to have desserts that are not too fatty, and that you can eat without regret!

Of course, they are open on Saturdays and Sundays and will be happy to welcome you with a week end menu made for you! No reservation are possible.

A little plus to know about Judy: they offer cold pressed juices. This is a method that keeps all the goodness of fruits and vegetables for even more energy and health!

It’s important to remember something quite nice:

all their products are organics and respect the nature!

Actually, they will soon remove their avocado from their menu to be even more environmentally friendly. So don’t worry about the origin of the products, most of them are coming from France with local suppliers and respect the seasons. Indeed, they work with Sain Boulangerie for their gluten free bread, or Coutume café for their specialty coffee (which is amazing by the way!).

Yes, the menu changes at Judy’s! With all that is happening in Australia, Dominique has understood it well: respecting the environment, but also her body is paramount.

It is indeed, after being raised in Australia and getting a training in naturopathy, that Dominique started thinking of opening Judy.

In addition to being a declining restaurant, 100% gluten free and respectful of the environment, Judy’s restaurant offers a detox cure. It is mainly cold pressed juices and homemade almond milk to be done over the course of a day. This will allow you to purify your body and give a boost of energy to your organism. And you know what? It is Judy itself who creates this cure in their Lab, right in the kitchen. On sale at the Judy’s market or directly on their website, you will love it!

What makes this restaurant unique is its relaxation area located above the establishment.

Yes, Judy doesn’t stop at gluten free, healthy food, or a detox cure, they go further.

Dominique wanted to share her knowledge in naturopathy by creating her Yellow centre which offers Yoga, Pilates, relaxation and meditation classes. Everything to make his body feel good! Possibility to book at the restaurant on a board made for it, or on their Yellow website.

In addition, Judy offers conferences on Tuesdays and Thursdays that focus on women. You can see the schedule at the restaurant or on the website as well.

Finally, if you go to Judy’s blog, you’ll get fresh news every Thursday!

A lot of information I know, so here’s a little summary:

  • At Judy’s, the taste is delicious, and the products are 100% gluten free, and all organic with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. Deliveries are made by bike!
  • The team, mostly female, is knowledgeable about their products and the benefits of each of them.
  • The majority of the dishes are inspired by Dominique, Naturopathe
  • It is possible to take yoga, pilates and relaxation classes right above the restaurant, at Yellow life.
  • Possibility to participate in conferences focused on women on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • The restaurant has a relaxing and very friendly atmosphere!

Be careful because Judy closes its doors at 7:30pm but the Yellow Life is open!

All the pictures are made by Marine Brusson !

We hope you will love this 100% gluten free in Paris, and come as soon as possible! Don’t forget to give your comment on this restaurant so you can help us giving you more information about gluten free restaurant around the world.

Be part of Gluten Libre family, and be free to travel gluten free !

By Chloé