Paris is known for romance, love, and beauty… but also, for its incredible food! With this beautiful weather, you might want to eat italian food in gluten free italian restaurant in Paris?  You might want to eat a pizza, or share some pasta in a typical french terrasse with a nice glass of wine and feeling the wind of the spring coming.
We have the perfect place for you.

It’s called Lille Nonna which is a 100% gluten free restaurant in Paris.

I have been several times, and I loved it! It’s a real “Brasserie à la française”, with an outside terrace and a warm and chic inside restaurant.

Little Nonna restaurant

The menu is 100% gluten free, with many options!

They have gluten free bruschetta, pasta, pizza, bread, dessert…

Everything you need to spent a great moment in Paris. Actually, this restaurant is in my top list favorite gluten free italian restaurant in Paris!

When I have been to Little Nonna the other time, I shared a salad as a starter and then took their pizza with ham and mozzarella di Buffala (I can not remember the name, but show the picture, I am sure the staff will know :D) , and my friend took the cheesy pizza … Hummm I tried it (several time) and I LOVED IT!

For a a single pizza, it’s an average of 15€. You might think it is a little expensive, but after few days spending in Paris, you will see that prices can be sometimes a bit high. But trust me, first: Paris is WORTH IT! and Little Nonna , ALSO!! 🙂

Otherwise, they have a great lunch deal for 19€ (really reasonable for Paris):

  • Brushettas or starter of the day + pasta or main of the day, or..
  • Pasta or main of the day + pinacotta or dessert of the day

I had so many good reviews on this restaurant when i suggested it to my friends.

Concerning the situation in Paris (Because everybody knows that Paris can be very big!! But trust me, when you get to know this beautiful city, you will see it as a small little town.) Little Nonna is in a really nice area of Paris, the 17th. To get there, there is the bus n°93, n°341, the metro n°2 or the RER A. As you want ! You can check on City Mapper !!

Let us know how you enjoyed your time at Lille Nonna!

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.