Do you want provence, salad and sun? You should definitely go to Green Bowl, the best healthy gluten free restaurant in Aix en Provence.

We know how much salads are good when it’s too hot outside, but the ones of this place are even better than good ! 😀 Trust me !!

This restaurant is situated 3, rue Emeric David: it is 5 min walk from La Rotonde (The famous Aix en Provence fontaine), and 1 min from Place de la Mairie (Best place to share some drinks in an outside terrasse). Perfect spot, close to everything: You HAVE TO go !

In this place, everything is homemade, and  every ingredient are freshly bought in the provence market.

What I really enjoyed at Green Bowl, was the fact that each meal brings you to a different country of the world!

You will see on their menu which gluten free, vegan and  vegetarian bowls they have.

Everything is perfectly written. If you want to go to China, you should try their Pekin Bowl, made of rice noodles, vegetables, pineapple, red pepper, some nuts, and a special chinese homemade gluten free sauce. You can also travel to Mexico with rice, vegetables, Jalapenos, corn, onions and an awesome cumin sauce. One bowl: 10€ => Such an affordable price, don’t you think!?

Finally, they have a daily bowl, where it is possible to choose everything you put in it ! You can have fish, or chicken or veggie base and then you add the proposed ingredients! Love it when I can create my own… 😀

This healthy gluten free restaurant in Aix en Provence is adapted for you!

gluten free muffin

You know why? First, for their bowl, of course, but second: they have gluten free muffin for dessert… hummmm and vegan cookies !

By the way, they have really good coffee, so if you only want to have a little snack and coffee break, that’s the place you should go !!

Let us know how you liked it, and don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy