Italy invites itself to Paris, with this great gluten free Italian restaurant in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement, close to Nation.

Very central, Caffé Shop will surprise you with its fresh, organic products and the possibility of having everything gluten free!

Not really recommended for celiacs, Caffe Shop nevertheless tries to reduce cross contamination as much as possible by separating gluten and gluten free products in kitchens.

I went to this restaurant few months ago with a friend of mine, when the weather was still nice and warm! We were able to eat on the terrace, a gluten free pizza in the shape of a heart, completely crazy !!! You’ll see, you can’t even taste the difference! It’s really delicious. The crust is crispy, the dough is thin and perfectly cooked, and the smell… oh gush, the smell will take your breath away!

Opened since 3 years, this gluten free Italian restaurant in Paris made all its customers very happy the day they decided to let customers eat in the restaurant.

Indeed, at first, the concept was only to take away, but Caffé shop realized that the customers loved the concept and the atmosphere: not to be served in the traditional way by waiters, but rather to act as if you were in a bakery, order at the counter, a slice of pizza, or a whole pizza for the most gourmet 😉 , pasta, potato gnocchi, lasagna, and desserts, to take away and now possible to eat in ! and all without gluten of course! Nothing more user-friendly than that, right?

And you know what, they also have gluten free beers, so it is even more a “must go”!

And why not, just come for a little “aperitif” and share a pizza with friends, with a nice cold beer?

The average price at Caffé Shop is 15€, very reasonable for organic, fresh and gluten free products! In addition, the chefs and owners are Italian by origin, so there is no risk of meals being missed: the Italians are the best to make us travel to their country, wherever we are!! The team is also very friendly and nice, that you will want to come back more than once!

Well, at least with Caffé shop, I went back to Italy for few moments, and I loved it!

They are open everyday except on Monday from 11 am to 11 pm !

Go to the counter, wait a few moments, smell the good Italian food, and Buon Appetito!

An other good news to know: there is an other restaurant with the same owner called IL Quadrifoglio which is really close to the Bastille in the 4th. The only thing that changes: it is a traditional restaurant where you will be served at your table. Thus, the price are a little higher but the amazing taste stays the same !

We hope you will enjoy this gluten free Italian restaurant in Paris, as much as we did, and don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy !

By Chloé