Are you looking for a typical Sunday or every day gluten free brunch in Bordeaux?

We found the place to be for you. It is called Contrast Brunch, and you know what they have a gluten free and vegan menu made for you! A friend of mine went there several times and loved it sooo much so I thought you will be interesting about having more information.

I actually go back to Bordeaux in few days, I ll try it for sure and will let you know !!
So, Contrast brunch is a new place, situated 5 min walk from Hotel de Ville, in the center and really close to Sainte Catherine ! This place is a must try, you want to know the reasons why?

First, the couple that holds the restaurant is soooo lovely. They are so kind with you and will ask you many times if you are still hungry or not, or simply, if everything is ok !

Second of all, you WON’T be hungry anymore after this amazing brunch which is full of amazing surprises:

  • Start with cold fresh juice of your choice & a hot drink with vegetal milk if needed
  • Enjoy any toast of you choice (vegetarian, vegan or meat/fish ones: ingredients depend of the season),
  • Add to this a smoothie bowl or a granola with coco yogurt
  • End with gluten free and vegan pancakes with any type of napping you’d like .

All of it will cost you 25 €, and for “normal menu” it will be 22.

So only 3 euros more to have you 100% gluten free and vegan brunch!

You can also take every thing by its own, if you are not that hungry!

Third reason: they respect seasonal products ! Indeed, their menu changes every month, using products from the season. You can check on their instagram page (on their highlights) the menu of the month!

Finally, the last reason will be for me that the atmosphere is perfect to enjoy a nice gluten free brunch in bordeaux. Indeed, the decoration looks soooo nice, and so confortable that you will want to spend your entire day in the restaurant.

Be careful because they are closed on Thursday, but are open the rest of the week from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, and on week ends from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

I am sure you will find time to go and try this amazing gluten free brunch in Bordeaux.

Can’t wait to go and try it! Maybe we will meet there 🙂 I would love to!

Let us know how you liked the place and don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy !

By Chloé