Loulou, one of the best gluten free restaurant in Paris where you will feel going to your friend house. But why?

Well, do you know what means “Loulou” in French? It’s a sweet word that you can give to your friends, family, children, husband or wife. Very representative of the environment of this great restaurant that offers many gluten free dishes in Paris.

For 9 years, this restaurant located in the 5th arrondissement in Saint Germain, has been surprising its customers with its

100% organic products and a super friendly atmosphere.

The concept? The owners wanted to bring Australia to Paris ! So yes, at Loulou, the music is dynamic & the staff is super friendly. When you go to Loulou, it’s like going to your friends to share a good meal, healthy, with amazing products. The decoration will make you travel to Australia, and the food, hmmm… Just thinking about it makes my mouth watering! A la carte, you’ll find all the aspects of a good Australian style canteen.

4 menus are available:

  • A breakfast with toast (possibility to be gluten free), such as the pear and banana toast or the « Acai bowl du Bonheur » with lots of little wonders, gluten free granola. Nothing but happiness!
  • “Brunch”, available on weekends, with your choice of assortments à la carte: eggs, avocado toast, Club avocado, crazy gluten free dessert
  • For lunch, you can have crazy club sandwiches made with Focaccia from Maison Chambelland but also burgers with gluten free buns for a few cents more from Maison Isabelle (But it’s worth it, believe me!). You can also have most of the gluten free dishes, such as their fish & chips, or a good chicken farm (from France and organic), for a great meal with friends.
  • In the evening, it’s the same menu as for lunch, but the best part: cocktails to fall on the floor created by the barman, and gluten free beers.

What I loved at Loulou’s, are their meals, of course, where I could eat almost all of them, but also the atmosphere, with a very nice terrace for the summer. Finally, I loved the staff, who is very nice and caring.

They will be able to guide you for all your intolerances: gluten, lactose, and even your choice of diet, vegan, or vegetarian. Loulou will be able to adapt to all your desires!

So don’t wait any longer before going to this gluten free restaurant in Paris.

The restaurant offers a continuous service until 11pm every day, open from 8:00am on weekdays and 9:00am on weekends. 

If you are looking for a restaurant in the same style, but you don’t want to have any risk of cross contamination, you should go to Judy. The same owners, with a unique concept, organic and 100% gluten free products! 

Le Loulou respects the beauty of nature

by offering seasonal products and making all its deliveries by bike! Yes, yes, Loulou has understood everything! 

The most of Loulou is their coffee ! Oh gush, How Wonderfull. You can of course choose the milk of your choice! Loulou gets their specialty coffee from Coutume Café, which is changed every month according to the coffees of the moment and the advice of their roasters. 

The average price is around 17 euros for a dish, and 25 for a full meal.

This gluten free restaurant in Paris will drive you crazy I hope. All of the pictures have been done by the amazing Marine Brusson !

Don’t hesitate to tell us your recommandations, or give your advices about this restaurant. It will help us a lot and give us better idea to give you as much information as possible about gluten free restaurant around the world.

Be part of the Gluten Libre Family, be free to travel gluten free !

By Chloé.