Papilles by Laurane is the restaurant to enjoy good gluten free sandwich in Aix-en-Provence!

Are you looking for a healthy and greedy place to eat in Aix en Provence and enjoy the sun at the same time?

Gluten free restaurant Papilles

Welcome to Papilles By Laurane for a nice little lunch break in the sun of Aix-en-Provence. This restaurant is located right next to the Cours Mirabeau, the small Champs Elysées of provence! Yes, Aix-en-Provence has some great things to offer!

In addition to the good weather, the holiday air, and the warmth, this southern city offers good opportunities for gluten free lunch. Papilles Chez Laurane is also the place to go before or after a little stop to the Cezanne cinema. Yes the restaurant is right across the street!

After spending a weekend in Aix en Provence last week I went to Ojus and Greenbowl, and I went to visit Laurane for another lunch during my weekend. I love this place and it is very complementary to the other gluten free restaurants in Aix en Provence.

You can enjoy incredible gourmet salads, and above all make your own sandwich menu.

When you arrive, you take a sheet of paper, a pen, and hop, it’s up to you to choose among the 20 choices (at least) 3 mini sandwiches (but very copious) that will please you: goat cheese, basil, dried tomato, foie gras, egg, brie, salmon… and many other flavors!

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free are welcome! Salad, or chips as an accompaniment, a drink and a dessert, and head for the terrace to enjoy the good southern sun.

Possible to have lunch between 12:00 and 14:30, the rest of the time, you can enjoy a little coffee, and read quietly. They are also open in the morning for gluten free breakfast starting at 8 am till lunch time ! They close everything at 6pm. Bad news: they are not always open on week end, you need to double check on Google…

And the price is very affordable, between 10 to 15€ to eat the menu of gluten free sandwich in Aix-en-Provence !

When I asked what customers liked about this place, they all said it was the value for money, they even say “the best in town”!! So no doubt, it is a must go! The kitchen is not closed, so you can smell the good smell of good fresh product from the market, selected especially for you! hummmm.. Can’t wait to go back!

The only little problem is that you will have to be a bit patient to eat… They are not a lot to cook, so it takes a bit longer than usual. But it is worth it!

Don’t wait any longer to test the gluten free experience at Papilles by Laurane! And let us know how you liked it !

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Chloé