After spending a lot of time in Paris at the beginning of the year, here is the gluten free burger in Paris that I ate the most, with my father, my friends, and all alone. This burger is completely crazy!!

You probably know this restaurant, PNY, Paris New York. A good mix between France and the USA, burgers will make you travel! And you know what, there are five of them in Paris! One in the 3rd, 9th, 10th (where I used to go all the time because I lived nearby), 11th and 12th.

Then there’s no way you’re not close to one of the best gluten free burgers in Paris!

I ate on the spot twice and took it away once. There is a burger and fries menu but I no longer have the price in mind. So I took the California burger (… it was incredible) for 12.9€ and the plain fries for 4€. It sounds a little expensive but it’s worth a visit. I know that in delivery the menu is also not possible. But I will push harder to go to restaurants where the atmosphere is completely crazy !!

You can eat all burgers with some gluten free bread, just ask the waiter, a few extra cents, and you’re done!

Between the california (my favorite), the Tribute with its unique sauce and the recipe that no one will ever know, but it will make you completely addicted! Then, there are also vegan steaks, vegan cheese, vegetarian burgers with 9-year-old cheddar cheese, simple fries or in sauce (everything home made!). Thus, only good things for a complete meal worthy of a real American burger. Paris New York, the best gluten free burger in Paris I have ever tasted!

It is important to notice that PNY find its meat in one of the best and respected ferme in France. The meat comes generally from Brittanie (North West of France): PNY has a high quality meat, that you will be able to feel in your month! Burgers seems a bit more expensive than what you could find in Paris, but the quality has to price!

The only thing to remember is that you ll have to wait 15 – 20 min to get your burger. But you know why? Nothing is pre-cooked, so it takes a bit longer to do your meal. Chef, staff and I actually think is for the best!

Let us know how you liked it, and don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy

By Chloé