Max à table or the only gluten free burger in Bordeaux!
And yes, we’ve been looking for it, and this restaurant is the one who offers gluten free burgers in Bordeaux!

Max à table was one of the first restaurants I tasted in Bordeaux, and I loved it !!

Finally a gluten free burger, with real burger bread for only 1.5 euros more.

Super reasonable for burgers that good.

The restaurant is next to Place de la Bourse. And you know what? Going to Max à Table is an extraordinary experience. Yes, Max A Table is a connected restaurant, where all the tables have a touch screen, where you can order, play together and have fun! Sounds cool right?

Max à table restaurant

The restaurant is really cosy and has a vintage atmosphere with friendly and professional staff !

What’s on the menu?
Super generous and delicious burgers. I went once in their restaurant and I had ordered at least 5 times at home: the bread is crazy! And the burger itself is just delicious.

Here are the burgers I tested:

  • The Max’ter Class, the basic but super good burger with super quality and super large beef, mature cheddar, tomatoes, salad and mayo.
  • I also tasted the Maxinus with spinach and a crazy pepper sauce.
  • The Max Champêtre with a Bleu d’Auvergne (blue cheese) mushroom cream is by far my favorite.
  • Don’t take the Cocori’max because it is not gluten free.
  • Then finally, I tasted the Maxiflette, the same as a tartiflette in even better.

They also make two vegetarian burgers, which I haven’t tasted but which seem to be delicious too!

As for the side dishes, either I take sweet potato fries or nothing. Yes, believe me, the burger is super greedy, and even if I’m a big eater, it’s sometimes too much with fries!

Concerning the prices, the burgers are between 14 and 15 euros, so add to that, 1.5 and it’s done. You might think it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it, believe me!

Come quickly discover this gluten free burger in Bordeaux, and eat with Max a Table which is a crazy cool experience!

Don’t forget to comment, or share it, so it will help even more people to know about it. Be free to travel gluten free!

By Chloé