A certified gluten-free box, that’s what Gluten Libre offers you.
Chloé only works with suppliers who have the AFDIAG logo or who work in workshops where no gluten is present (no cross-contamination).

Indeed, some brands have decided to use only naturally gluten-free products such as legumes or plants.

For each new collaboration with a supplier, a request for certification of their products is made by Chloé.
This ensures that all the products offered in the Gluten Libre box are certified gluten-free, so there is no risk for people with celiac disease.

What is the range of gluten-free products in Gluten Libre’s certified gluten-free box?

As a gluten-intolerant since 2013, Chloé created Gluten Libre with the aim of offering healthy, tasty and certified gluten-free products to celiacs, gluten intolerant and hypersensitive people.

She was often very disappointed by the products she found in supermarkets. Often too fatty, too sweet, too salty, bland or very difficult to cook, Chloé decided to offer a certified gluten-free box with really tasty products, with healthy brands.

Chloé works with more than 50 different suppliers in France and in Europe, all certified gluten-free. She chooses her suppliers based on their values and their commitment to offer quality gluten-free products, which are delicious and made by teams that care about their environment.

The founder of Gluten Libre tries her best to offer you organic, artisanal, lactose-free and sometimes vegan products to satisfy everyone.

Quality and taste without gluten above all: this is the motto of Gluten Libre!

Why go to Europe for gluten-free products?

It’s very simple: other European countries offer products that are sometimes more delicious and innovative than the gluten-free products that can be found in France.

France is unfortunately a bit late on the gluten-free issue, so we might as well offer you amazing gluten-free products of European quality.

The mixes are generally from European countries such as England, Holland or Sweden, which offer products that are extremely easy to make and with a very greedy and non-brittle hold.

You will find French quality in products such as artisanal cookies, crispy chips or very crunchy granola. As for pasta and other Italian products, Chloé has decided to offer you gluten-free products from the king of pasta: Italy.

If you have any other questions about the Gluten Libre box, contact Chloé right here.

Have a great day!