Gluten Libre

Gluten Libre box – 100% tasty – 100% gluten free

Gluten Libre, another way of living without gluten

100% Gluten Libre tasty box 

6 Gluten free products

With Gluten Libre, you receive every month in your mailbox or at a relay point a box of 6 gluten-free products. They are chosen by Chloé, the founder of Gluten Libre. 

She surprises you every month with a selection of gluten-free products that are always more original and with recipes that are really fun to try!

100% tasty

Icone facile à cuisiner Vert

Easy to cook

Quality approuved

Papnier vert

Not possible to find in supermarket

100% gluten free

The Gluten Libre box is …

much more than just 6 gluten-free products, it is also a gourmet, healthy and gluten-free cooking experience. Chloé offers you gluten-free and tasty recipes to share or to eat on your own (it’s up to you!).

The Gluten Libre box is a culinary journey that will make you want to cook and enjoy your “meal moments” again.

Recipes, tricks, sweet moments. Attention, it’s just for you… you turn to try the gluten-free experience with the Gluten Libre Box. 

Gluten Libre, Chloé’s world

By choice or by intolerance, gluten-free living is also so tasty! Chloé understands this!

Intolerant to gluten, she has traveled the world discovering the different culinary specialties of each one, gluten-free and 100% food lover friendly.

It is by exchanging, listening to their stories and discovering their culinary secrets that she had the idea to create Gluten Libre, or how to eat healthy, tasty, and gluten-free.

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Gluten-free and tasty recipes

Every week, Chloé cooks for you a tasty and gluten free recipe

Discover the gluten-free and tasty recipes prepared by Chloé.

Salads, dishes, gluten-free bread, pizza dough or snacks… she offers you easy recipes, enriched by her various trips around the world.