​Are you visiting the beautiful Sardinia these days? And you want to eat a gluten free pizza or pasta at el Porto Rotondo with your friends and family?

You should definitely try La Rosa Dei Venti!  

This photo is the entrance of the restaurant, you can not miss it!

I went to La Rosa Dei Venti in the north of the island (they have several other in the island!!! ) and the restaurant was next to the road, so not the best if you want calm, but it was next to el Porto Rotondo, which is a really nice port to go for a little digestion walk!

I was there during summer, so if you are afraid of bees, you should eat inside 😉 ! How ever, the waiters were hunting them sooo you can eat in peace 😀 !!

By the way, I have to say: the service was absolutely PERFECT ! The waiters understand really well the allergies and will do everything for you to feel home, and safe. You will only have to enjoy!

And their food…. oh God … STANDING!! I have talked with other client while I was there and they had the same feeling than I did:

The best food gluten free pizza and pasta in El Porto Rotondo!

They propose gluten free pizza, which was one of the best I have eaten since I can not eat gluten (7 years). I was with my cousin, coeliac too, and she tried their pasta, absolutely fabulous!!

Gluten free pizza Sardinia Porto Rotonto

This restaurant has a little plus: they have vegetarian and vegan option!! Everything is well explained in their menu, you will see 😀

Their price is really affordable for such good service & product quality. The gluten free pizza was around 20€.

If you have any other information about the other La Rosa Dei Venti on the island, don’t hesitate to contact us on our instagram account “gluten_libre”.

We hope you will enjoy this place 🙂

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy.

By Chloé