You agree to say that there is nothing better than a real Italian gluten free pizza made in Italy  ?

I have been travelling around this beautiful country for 2 weeks and I loved it !! People are fantastic, landscapes are crazy beautiful, And the food.. hum assolutamente delizioso!! I was so surprised to see that so many restaurants have gluten free pizza & pasta! Most of the time, they do it hand made!

When i got to Florence, it was after 5 days of my trip and what i heard about this city is real!! It’s wonderful.. I actually felt in love with this place. Museum, architecture, people & food: that’s a place you should really visit. 2/3 days is perfect to see everything. I tried many gluten free pizza and pasta during my journey there, but my favorite place was.. Ciro and sons in Florence.

They have gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian options for all of their menu. It was fantastic. And you know what ?

They have been elected the world champion italian gluten free pizza.

I am so glad i ve tried theirs!!!

Ciron & Son gluten free restaurant in Florence

You must go there, trust me! The atmosphere was so relaxing, people so nice.. I really recommend this place! It’s the place to eat the typical italian gluten free pizza. Sometimes you are disappointed because the size of your pizza is smaller than normal one, or that the crust is too hard or too soft.. At Ciro & Sons, gluten free pizza are even better than normal one (and lactose free too..!!)! A friend of mine was with me, and said so! I am so glad!

They also have amazing gluten free pasta, that i tried the second time i have been there ! Haha, i really loved this place.. and i am sure you will do to!

Finally a place where gluten free & lactose free are kings!

They have a little plus: at the end of my diner, I have seen that I could buy their gluten free pizza base to make at home. I did it when I came back to France, it was delicious, and very easy to make !! If i remember well, you just have to add eggs and water. There is the recipe written, so no problem 🙂 Your turn to cook a real italian gluten free pizza.

​Concerning the price, you will pay around 8/10€for one pizza. really worth it!

Let us know how you liked it

Don’t forget, travel, eat & enjoy

By Chloé.