Roma, the city of lovers, history and food ! We love Roma for everything it offers. We have many gluten free restaurants coming but we wanted to start with this one which is one of our favorites ! So have a good reading!! If you are looking for gluten free and lactose free restaurant in Roma, Mama Eat is the place to be !

First important point to know : they have a separated gluten free kitchen with a different chef.

So no problem of any gluten cross contamination !

And what is really nice is that gluten free food is served in a unique little plate … waouu, we are lucky no?

Second point is that they have a huge gluten free menu with pizza (which are also lactose free) pasta (amazing ones… you can not imagine if you don’t taste it once!),  battered calamari ( Yeahhhhh I could have finally as fat as my boyfriend !), tiramisu, which can also be lactose free !! and a lot more …

Also you can not even feel that their food is gluten free and lactose free (for the pizza)

The food is amazing!! ( I think I repeat myself haha) But trust me ! The crust of their pizza just taste like typical bread !!

Finally the staff is amazing. The first thing they do when you get to the restaurant is asking if you are gluten free or not ! So you are safe!! And they speak perfect English !! I always feel that I am an annoying guest when I eat at any restaurant, even gluten free places sometimes.

I don’t know if you have the same feeling as me: I am always afraid that when they say it is gluten free, it is actually not, because they might not understand what I say…. ?

Hahha. Be safe at Mama Eat, they know it very well.

This restaurant is situated really close to the Basilica di Santa Maria. Are you close from there? If not, we have other really good gluten free restaurants in Roma.

You can also find Mama eat in Napoli and Milano !! You can not miss it !

By the way, gluten free in Italian is ” senza glutine” : give a little sweet accent at the end and that’s it !

But you can find all of these information on the front page that shows all the Italian gluten free cities we have visited.

Let me know which meal you liked the most in this amazing gluten free and lactose free restaurant in Roma.

And don’t forget travel eat & enjoy