New Zealand doesn’t always mean Auckland. Indeed, we have been traveling to many other place such Northland, and more precisely at Kerikeri. The Northland is our favorite part of the North Island. Between the beautiful beaches, the huge waterfalls and the fabulous cliffs there is a small restaurant 100% gluten free in Northland which is delicious.

His name is: Santeez Cafe !

I went there at the beginning of my road trip to New Zealand 3 months ago. This is the first Gluten Free restaurant where I ate in New Zealand and I still remember it very well.

With their seasonal vegetables, that are excellent, they will make you a great dish.

The spinach and sunrise tomato quiche are delicious and their salads too.

More than being a 100% gluten free restaurant in Northland…

Santeez café proposes vegetarian meals, vegan options for breakfast, lunch or a mix of these two: brunch !

This restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 am to 3 pm, a perfect day café for a nice gluten free lunch in Kerikeri.

You can eat in, take away, have access for wheelchair, and there are outdoor seating to enjoy even more this part of New Zealand.

So if you’re going to Cape Reinga or Giant Dunes Te Paki, stop and eat at Santeez Café, the 100% gluten free restaurant in Northland.

Get some good energy and share us your experience by sending us reviews in pictures.

Don’t forget travel eat and enjoy.

By Clément