Do you want to know which are the best gluten free burger in Queenstown, and also in New Zealand?

Welcome to Fergburger , the place to be if you have a hunger as a lion, and that you are not afraid to eat a huge and so yummy burger !

Located in the city of extreme sports, Queenstown, this restaurant attracts a lot of people every day. Yes, it is a must know: even extreme sportive have some rights to enjoy a burger! So, if they can, why would you not?

At any time of the day people are waiting to eat this famous gluten free burger in Queenstown.

The only point: you will have to be patient to get these burgers. Indeed, we have waited around one hour to get our meals, but I promise: it is soooo worth it !

It is difficult to find a table to eat, so such as most of the people, we walked 2 min to eat at the edge of Lake Wakatipu. It was a very good diner with a good view. So unique, romantic and fun right?

The price of the burgers is between 7-10 euros with 2 euros extra for the gluten free burger. There is also a vegetarian burger, so of course, you can not avoid this crazy cool place ! Look at their menu, it will be easier 🙂

Don’t hesitate, if you are in Queenstown and you have to eat a burger and share us your experience!! There are open every single day from 8 am to 5 pm, and it is possible de take out, eat outside on their terrace, available for wheelchair, and have an amazing water front view which is 2 min away from the restaurant.

And you know what, Ferburger is the best burger in the world according to CNN, Urban Dictionary and STA Travel !

So, are you ready to try it the best gluten free burger in Queenstown?

Don’t forget travel, eat & enjoy.

By Clément