Are you looking for a gluten free restaurant in Cusco , the city close to the wonderful Machu Picchu?

We found the only 100% gluten free restaurant in Cusco, which is called NaturAle Cusco

Indeed, they have two kitchens: one for gluten free and the other one for none gluten free, so noooo cross contamination guys ! 

The owner’s name is Ale, she is such a cutiii women that has a coeliaque daughter and lactose intolerance. So here you are ! Perfect for us no? 

I talked to Ale while I was waiting for take away pizza, and she explained me that she created this restaurant 7 years ago for a daughter and herself to be able to eat gluten free when ever they wanted.

NaturAle offers every thing you want gluten free!

There are gluten free pizza  (made of corn), burgers  pasta, lasagna  and chocolate dessert. They also have vegan cheese and milk for everyone to enjoy, and vegetarian meals, of course ! 

You can also enjoy a gluten free cervezaaaa which is soo hard to find in Peru! I was so happy when I saw that I could finally have a toast with my friends with a gluten free beer. 

This restaurant is situated in the center really close to Samblas plaza (Very nice by the way!), so you have to go through this way once in your trip to Cusco.

The best reward after the long Machu Picchu trek is this type of gluten free restaurant in Cusco !

Many other gluten free restaurant are coming in Cusco and in Peru, stay connected !

Let us know how you liked it and say hi to Ale for us !! See you very soon 

And don’t forget, travel eat & enjoy