A gluten-free chocolate pie is really not complicated. It’s even better when the pie is made with gluten-free cookies. A real delight.

For this recipe, I bought rice flour cookies. I advise you to start with that, or else to take like “petits beurres”, without a real pronounced taste to avoid bringing flavours in excess to the pie. Because, you will see, the taste is very rich and is already really extremely tasty.

For this recipe, you’ll need a rather special mold that I found right here: removable mold with hinge of 20 cm diameter. You can see it on this picture.

Moule tarte au chocolat sans gluten

For the ingredients, I propose you here the recipe that I realized which is choco not too much dark chocolate either (to avoid that it is too strong and heavy to the tasting)! You can of course re-adapt the recipe with the type of chocolate you prefer: very dark, 80 to 70% dark or milk chocolate. Here I wanted to make a mixture. It’s up to you to decide what you want and what you like!

  • 180 g gluten-free cookies
  • 90 g soft butter
  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 85g of 70% chocolate
  • 60g of milk chocolate
  • 200 ml of cream with or without lactose (here I used a cream without lactose)

STEP 1: Start by making the base of your gluten free chocolate pie by mixing your gluten free cookies with the butter. Blend until you have no chunks left. It’s best if your mixture looks like sand.

STEP 2: When your base is ready, place it by hand in the bottom of your pan and on the rim. When your cookie base is smooth and spread out over the entire pan, let it sit in the fridge while you do the rest of the recipe.

STEP 3: Melt your chocolates with the cream in a bain-marie. Do it on medium heat to avoid burning the chocolate.

STEP 4: Take your gluten-free chocolate pie base out of the fridge, then pour in your chocolate cream mixture. Try to smooth out the top of your pie so that it looks great when you eat it.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Turn out and serve. A delightful gluten-free chocolate pie with a gluten-free cookie base. You will see…

Tarte choco pomme

It’s great with apples, by the way! Try it !

Bon appétit!