Here’s a recipe for gluten free mozzarella sticks that I’ve always wanted to make! Does it happen to you to when at some restaurants, you are not allowed to taste these famous mozzarella sticks?

So now it’s your turn to get your friends to come and taste some great homemade gluten free mozzarella sticks!

The recipe is really super, super simple, believe me. 15 min of preparation, 15 min of cooking time for about 5 to 6 people.

gluten free mozzarella sticks
Gluten free mozzarella sticks

The ingredients you’re going to need are as follows:

  • 250 g of fairly firm mozzarella cheese (Avoid the di Buffala, it will be too melting)
  • 2 eggs
  • 80 g gluten-free flour
  • 100 g gluten-free breadcrumbs
  • Salt and pepper
  • Frying oil (I recommend sunflower oil)

To flavour your gluten free mozzarella sticks, you can use a little of thyme, oregano and Espelette pepper. You can also use sesame seeds, dried tomatoes, or small pieces of ham. It’s up to you!

Here is the method to follow to do these amazing gluten free mozzarella sticks:

STEP 1: You’ll need 3 bowls: in the first one, put the flour, in the second one, beat the two eggs with your fork, in the third one, put your breadcrumbs and herbs.

STEP 2: Cut your mozzarella into cubes. You can try to make balls but it may break a little.

STEP 3: Take a cube of mozzarella, roll it in the flour, removing the excess, then in the egg, then in your breadcrumbs. Once again, roll it in the flour, then in the eggs and then in the breadcrumbs. Do this with all your mozzarella cubes.

STEP 4: Baking! Super important step for this recipe! To do this, take a saucepan and put some frying oil in it, about 4, or 5 cm. Then, to know if it is at the right temperature, take a wooden spatula, put it in the oil and if there are small bubbles that are created around the spatula, your oil is perfect!

STEP 5: Cook your cubes of gluten free mozzarella sticks 4 by 4 maximum. If there are too many in the pan, it may be too oily afterwards. Cook until golden brown and crispy from the outside.

STEP 6: remove with a skimmer, then put them on absorbent paper to remove excess of oil.

Serve hot or cold! As you wish! Accompany them with a tomato sauce, or pesto, that’s not bad either!

So, do you like it? Are you ready to cook these great mozzarella sticks?

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