Bienvenido en Barcelona, one of the coolest cities of Spain !
Summer is coming so quick that you have to enjoy spending some time there with your friends !! Before partying, what would be better than enjoying a nice meal in a 100% gluten free restaurant in Barcelona? Or going for a brunch after a nice party?

On the menu: pizza, pasta, burgers, gnocchi, brunch, sandwich or even wraps and amazing desserts! Welcome to M2 glutenfree !

First, let’s talk about the restaurant atmosphere:
It’s sooo nice, with so many colors and little games and lego as decoration. For your meal, there are big tables to share good times with other guests or “solo” tables for more privacy 😉

Moreover, you can enjoy eating your burger or pizza outside, in their nice terrasse! Don’t be afraid to get really hot with the sun’s heat! Haha

The chef is cooking really close to the main room, so you will be able to enjoy the nice smell of the food while you wait for your meal.

Now, foodddd time !! I began my meal with a juice called “multivitamin” with Orange, carrot, celeri, and ginger. Then I started looking at the menu… Oh gush, it was so hard to choose…!!!

I love this 100% gluten free restaurant in Barcelona… But it is always a hard moment to choose.

Indeed, I am always afraid to miss something haha Anyway, I took their gluten free burger called “Black Angus burger “ which was amazing! (They have a vegetarian that looked amazing: I could see it on the table from an other guest)  And I also tried their bio Gnocchi (I know its a lot haha) and I took the lactose free cheese (they have for vegan too). It was amazing to finally eat good gluten free Gnochhi!!

I didn’t have time to go for their brunch the day after but look at their menu, it’s sooo nice and soooo cheap!!

10€ for a burger, and 5 for a brunch.

What I really enjoyed was that this restaurant gives all the allergenes informations on the menu. First it’s one of the only one 100% gluten free restaurant in Barcelona but they also propose many options with dairy free, nuts free, soya free etc. You will see on their menu 🙂

This place is made for celiacs! 100% gluten free, so no cross contamination!

Trust me, this restaurant has to be seen and tasted at least one time during your trip in Barcelona !

Enjoy guys , and don’t forget travel eat and enjoy