“The best choice is to cook seasonal products”, this is the philosophy of this great restaurant. Gluten free in Madrid, healthy and respectful of the environment: Welcome to Honest Greens, the best restaurant to treat yourself good!

Seasonal products, from small local producers, and respectful of the origins of their products: this is one of the best ways to be honest, isn’t it?

It’s about real ingredients cooked by real people.

Honest Green

3 entrepreneurs, one from Spain, one Danish and one from France, embarked on the adventure. They decided to create menus inspired by every corner of the world, offering healthy, delicious and above all simple and affordable products.

Their goal is to work with local farms to be even more be environmentally friendly and to use short production circuits. Their common experiences (chef in restaurants in the Michelin guide, employees in new technology companies, and waiters) have allowed them to create a unique environment and menu.

They try to use as many organic products as possible, buy all their products every day, without adding additives or refined sugar.

They respect many types of diets such as gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, or plant-based.

The majority of their dishes are plant-based, and they also offer some dishes made from animals.

Their philosophy is also transmitted through their teams, who are all very aware of today’s new forms of nutrition. The environment of the establishment is pleasant, with no fuss: natural and nature above all!

The concept and menu: compose your own gluten free meal in Madrid

Two possibilities:

  • Market dishes, by choosing a protein base (6,90€) and adding a sauce (0,95€), and a side dish (2,5€).
  • Garden bowls: by choosing a salad (6,90€), and adding a protein (3-4,5€), then a side dish (2,5€).

They also offer dishes to share, because yes, Spain is well known for tapas, isn’t it?!.

A la carte? sweet potato fries, cauliflower cabbage well roasted as it should be, hummus, and lots of more surprises, most of them gluten free!

To end your meal, Honest Green offers delicious gluten free desserts: brownies, chocolate cakes, cheesecake, cookies, cupcake and many more!

All allergens are indicated on the menu, 99% gluten free: yes, only one type of bread is not gluten free!

Where to find them?
Four places:

  • Castellena, north of Madrid
    Monday to Thursday: 8:30h – 16:30h and 19:30h – 00h
    Friday: 8:30am – 12am
    Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am – 00am
  • Hortaleza, in the centre of Madrid
    Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 00am
    Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am – 00am
  • El corte Ingles Castellena, north of Madrid
    Monday to Saturday: 12:30h – 21:00h
    Sunday: 12:30h – 20:00h
  • Velazquez in the North East of Madrid
    Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 00am
    Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am – 00am

Gluten free in Madrid? Honest Green is the place to go to eat healthy, gluten free and super good! Not too expensive, all over Madrid, a top team and delicious food, what more could you ask for?

I hope you will enjoy this yummy gluten free restaurant in Madrid! Let us know how you liked it !

By Chloé