A gluten free Italian in Madrid? It’s totally possible. Here you are: Welcome to Da Nicola, the restaurant that offers a special menu for ceoliaques. It is prepared in the restaurant kitchens, in a separate area to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.

Located in the heart of Madrid at Plaza de los Mostenses, number 11

come and discover this restaurant which will offer you a wide range of beautiful gluten free Italian recipes.

You will arrive across a small flowery passage that will take you to the restaurant, with a large room. Da Nicola is very pleasant to spend a good meal in a quiet place, and get away from the over dynamism of Madrid.

The staff is very kind, and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about allergies or intolerances. Feedback and opinions from clients are generally very positive! Coeliacs are often very satisfied with this establishment. Yes, yes, the gluten free menu will make you want to come back!

So, on the menu, super good starters with mozzarella and tomato carpaccio, cod salad and small potatoes, but also vegetarian starters with homemade provolone cheese and aubergine. In short, lots of delicious things.

Then you can go on with carpaccio, pasta or lasagna, with all the sauces you want, or super good pizzas or meat and house specialities.
Finally, you can finish with crazy and super good desserts! I would recommend to try the almond chocolat dessert. Even better than normal food with gluten! Trust me 🙂

What I liked the most about Da Nicola? About everything, but especially the fact that this restaurant is supported by the celiacs association of Madrid, and that each gluten free dish comes with a little flag with the words “sin gluten” written on it. It’s very privileged I think! For other diet, Da Nicola can adapt their menu on request, so that everyone can come and eat what they want.

Finally, they offer a Braille menu so that people with visual impairment can feel as welcome as others.

This gluten free Italian restaurant in Madrid will make you feel welcome and make you travel for a few moments!

Hope you will enjoy this place as much as we did!

All the best guys, and enjoy!