Welcome to Greze cozy kitchen, where gluten free food in Phuket are !

Perfect to start a good Sunday or for a little sweet break during the afternoon, you will fall in love with this restaurant. Be careful, there are only few tables (around 3 to 4 ) inside so, hurry up or book a table !

This restaurant is perfect if you are looking for a cozy and chill place to work, or relax.

The waitress was very nice and professional. Unfortunately, you must be a bit patient when you go there, because she is alone. Thus, it can take time to get served !

How ever, this gluten free food in Phuket is worth it sooo no problem, right?

gluten free food in Phuket

Very good news: you can find gluten free pancakes ! So yummy. I didn’t tried it when I got there, but I took an avocado open sandwich with gluten free bread.  This dish is served with gluten free bread, 2 poached eggs, mashed avocado, bacon, salad.

I was so lucky cause at the end of our lunch, the waitress gave us some chocolate made with coconut oil! Hummm It was delicious!

Concerning the price it was around 8 euros, 270 THB for the avocado open sandwich. 

What we loved about this restaurant is that you can also buy gluten free products to cook at home!

Don’t wait any longer and taste these gluten free food In Phuket!

We hope you’ll enjoy this place

 Don’t forget, travel, eat and enjoy!!

By Julia